Merry monde is a K-Beauty brand that began with the culture of young Korean women showing great interest in cosmetics.

‘ Merry monde brings girls’ fun factor to your makeup routine. ’

If you look more closely,

there’s still a young girl inside you.

The innocent girl who likes dolls, loves the color pink,

and adores everything fancy

It’s said that cosmetics are women’s toys.

Remember the moment when you got a doll as a gift.

Remember how your heart was full of joy!

Merry monde is a young, feminine glam beauty brand, 

reinterpreting the innocence and youthfulness of all women

and satisfying their pursuit of the pure, innocent beauty within.


Merrymonde’s vintage girl-like design provokes reminisces of the past, enabling users to feel pure happiness.

Red heart logo and hologram pearl designs are signature aspects that show Merrymonde’s own identity, adding onto users’ unique value.

# Ingredients

Hoping all women to be pretty while protecting their valuable skin…

Take a look at the ingredients of not only your skin care products but also your daily make-up cosmetics!

#1. Your skin is increasingly becoming sensitive due to continued make-up 

and external environment including fine dust.

You cannot be assured just by using skin care products containing mild ingredients.

For all women who enjoy daily make-up,

Hoping that they can become pretty while protecting their skin during their make-up,

Merry monde develops mild cosmetics.

#2. The age of first putting on make-up is decreasing.

Instead of selecting color cosmetics based on affordability,

Select trustable and safe color cosmetics,

Ensuring no harm on sensitive skin.


Merry monde is against animal testing, thereby not using animal-derived ingredients,

And is a beauty brand that uses natural-derived ingredients of EWG Green Grade.

# CEO interview

Story of Merry monde by “CEO Noh Hye-soo” who has 9 years of experience in planning 

and developing in cosmetics firm & beauty lecturer

Q.  How did Merry monde begin? 

A. I met with numerous women with various skin concerns as I spent nine years in the beauty industry developing cosmetics and conducting beauty classes. During this time, I came to realize that many are concerned about their skin becoming increasingly sensitive due to continued make-up, and thus have difficulties in selecting safe and reliable color make-up products. I could easily put myself in their shoes as I have sensitive skin as well. And thus, I launched vegan color make-up brand “Merry monde” to alleviate all of their concerns.

Q. Many are reminded of skin care products when they come across ‘Vegan Beauty,’ but how did you end up launching a color make-up brand?

A. While working as brand manager of cosmetics brands of home and abroad, I was in charge of launching basic skin care products. As I pondered upon basic care routine, engaging in developing the products, I had the opportunity to listen closely to the skin concerns of many women. Did you know that the strong ingredients of make-up products can make your skin more sensitive than basic skin care products? But compared to the various low-irritation skin care products made with natural-derived ingredients that can easily be spotted on the shelves, there are not many color make-up products. So, I decided to make mild make-up products utilizing my own know-hows.

Q. I’m also very curious about new products to be launched in the future… 

A. Starting with 'Love Crush Heart Stick', which is a base make-up product, I want to develop products that can showcase professional colors as a color make-up brand. Based on research data accumulated during the course of conducting personal color classes, I plan focus on developing products. I want to enable users to enjoy the process of make-up by helping them to find the look that suits them instead of spending money and time consulting with experts. The first product is Merry monde Heart Stick Lip Kiss. It is designed so that users can easily select the products if they know their personal color tone. The name of the brand, “Merry monde” means “happy world.” With mild ingredients and professional colors and textures, I want to design a world in which all women can fully enjoy make-up while enabling them to remember the reminisces of the past with girl-like design.

# Product

Merry monde Love Crush Collection

Merry monde Heart Stick Lip Kiss